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The Sleep & Breathing Research Institute

Mission Statement

The Sleep & Breathing Research Institute will provide complete diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with a wide range of sleep disorders. We provide comprehensive patient evaluation with close attention to medical co-morbidities.  The SBRI team is committed to the achievement
of the best possible long and short-term clinical outcomes and quality of life improvements.


We also strive to provide the general public, patients, local physicians and physicians in training with education about sleep disorders and the related morbidities. In addition, we are actively working to discover and develop new technologies, which will improve the diagnosis and severity indexing of sleep disordered breathing. Our goal is to reach out to the underserved by making the detection of sleep disordered breathing as routine as the detection of diabetes.


  1. Provide general awareness of sleep disorders to the public
  2. Provide education, screening tools, and guidelines for referring physicians
  3. Provide quick consultation with prompt interpretation of any diagnostic sleep related tests
  4. Provide treatment or recommendations for co-morbidities that may affect the patient in addition to the sleep issues
  5. Provide prompt set up of equipment if needed
  6. Provide timely follow up and effective, compliance focused, long-term care
  7. Provide continuing education to patients and referring physicians

Comfortable Sleeping Environment.

Home Testing Available.



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